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QR Codes

QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) are square patterns made from black and white squares that can be used to represent data, such as a web address, a phone number, or just text.

Most smart phones can use the built-in camera and a free bar code scanner app to scan a QR Code and then access the web address referenced. This can make it very fast and easy for users to get to websites without the need to type anything in, especially for devices such as phones that may not have physical keyboards.

Here are some ideas for using QR Codes in schools:
  • Put QR Codes in you study guides to take students to supporting websites and videos.
  • Project a QR Code on your classroom screen or whiteboard that takes students to an online quiz for formative feedback.
  • Put QR Codes under students' art work that takes viewers to a Google Doc where the student explains all about their project.
  • Put QR Codes at each station in a lab project, linking to videos for each step.
  • Save time and make life easier for common websites (reference sites, subject matter sites, your class homepage, etc.) you use in your class by putting QR Codes up around the room that students can scan as needed to jump to the frequently used sites.
  • Embed QR Codes in any presentation you or your students give, allowing the audience to open the presentation as well to follow along.
  • Bring your class bulletin board into the tech age by adding QR Codes to link out to websites and videos about the topic.
  • Make QR Codes that link to Google Maps locations for places you are studying in class, where battles took place, or where stories take place. Have students use the QR Codes to learn more about the location by viewing it in Google Maps.
  • Links are very, very long for Google Documents, Presentations, Forms, and such. Use QR Codes to help students quickly open up your study guides, class presentations, and interactive forms.
QR Codes are easy to make.
  • Simply go to a site such as
  • Paste in the web address you want to link to.
  • Choose the size of the QR Code you want.
  • Click the "Generate" button.
  • You will now have a QR Code image that you can save and use as you want.
For more info about QR Codes, see these great resources:
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