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Student Policy

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[Excerpt from Hoover High School Student Handbook]
Bring Your Own Device Pilot - Student Policy

Electronic Devices

Use of certain electronic devices is permitted in Hoover High School as described below.  Electronic devices are classified as disruptive, non-disruptive, and mobile phone devices.  Permissibility of each type of electronic device is described as follows:

Disruptive Electronic Devices
  1. Recording devices, radios, pagers, laser pointers, and other electronic devices are deemed distracting to the educational environment.  As such, these devices are not permitted in any area of Hoover High School, including the courtyard.
  2. The misuse of permissible electronic devices in a manner distracting to other students or school personnel is not allowed.  The misuse of electronic devices includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Use of any electronic device in a classroom or other area of Hoover High School not authorized by school personnel.
    2. Violation of the North Canton City Schools’ Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. Listening to video or audio without headphones or earbuds.
    4. Use of headphones/earbuds at a volume level where others can hear.
Non-disruptive Devices
  1. Non-disruptive devices are defined as electronic devices primarily used for educational purposes.
  2. The categories of non-disrupted devices are (a) laptops, (b) netbooks, (c) tablets, (d) eReaders, and (e) audio players (MP3 players).
  3. These devices may be used:
    1. during classroom instruction and in the Media Center as permitted and directed by school personnel.
    2. in study hall, privilege period, and lunch as permitted and directed by school personnel.
Mobile Phones
  1. Use of mobile phones for any voice or text communication is not permitted during school hours.
  2. Mobile phones may be used as directed by school personnel.  Otherwise, mobile phones must be turned off or muted during school hours.
  3. Mobile phones may possess advanced functions including Internet access, eReader, and video/audio functions.  These functions may be used during study hall, lunch period, and privilege period. Use of these functions during classroom instruction is at the discretion of school personnel.
Consequences for inappropriate use of electronic devices

Violation of the appropriate use of electronic devices, as described above, (1) may result in detentions, Saturday detention, In School Suspension, or Out of School Suspension; and (2) student may be required to turn the device over to school personnel and the student and/or parent may pick up the device from the Attendance Office at the end of the school day.

Internet Connection

Wireless Internet connection will be provided by the North Canton City Schools for students to connect their devices to the Internet.  Students must have a completed Acceptable Use Policy signed and on file at Hoover High School.  Additionally, students may connect to the Internet using  their Internet provider.  In this case, the student and family will be responsible for any Internet connection expense.

Lost or Damaged Device

Hoover High School assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of an electronic device brought to school.  Students bring these devices to Hoover High School at their own risk.

Transporting Devices

Use of bags and cases to transport electronic devices to and from Hoover High School is encouraged.  Students may use laptop bags to carry portable computers to and from class.  However, the bags may not be used to carry books.